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Best Buy cuts store jobs to help boost profits

Best Buy Co. is cutting store jobs across the country, as the electronics and appliance retailer works to lower costs as its customers change their

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Amazon begins same-day deliveries from select retail stores

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) wants to deliver anything, anywhere, anytime, and on Monday the e-commerce giant announced the launch of a new option for same-day shipping of products from local retail stores.

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The Retail Shift From Store To Home: Omnichannel Strategies That Are Here To Stay Post-Lockdown

Retail trends that integrate both brick-and-mortar stores with the convenience of home mark the forefront of development in retail omnichannel strategies.

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Market Force Introduces Online Store for Instant Customer Experience Programs

Market Force Information announced that they are making their world-class large-scale retail customer experience programs available to businesses through the CX Express Shop: an online store for companies looking to launch a customer experience program.

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Trio plotted elaborate online scheme using stolen goods from retail stores across state

Three men who Florida prosecutors said stole goods across state in online market schemes face multiple charges

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Looking for new places to shop? Here are six new retail openings in Nashville this summer

Nashville debuts six new retail establishments ranging from groovy bookstores to luxury shoe brands. Novelette Booksellers . Novelette Booksellers celebrated the rece

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Should I shut up shop after landlord hiked rent and move online?

Extra cost of rent, business rates and rising energy bills, will squeeze profits - I don't want to move and close the doors, but I don't feel I can justify keeping the shop open.

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Can you shop at Costco without a membership? A breakdown of the retail giant's membership plans

Costco is a retail warehouse that allows customers to purchase items at discounted prices as long as they sign up for an annual membership.

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